Mini contraceptive pill to be available over the counter in UK 11 months ago

Mini contraceptive pill to be available over the counter in UK

It's about time.

For the first time on 60 years, women across the UK will be able to buy the contraceptive pill from over the counter.


This comes after a major ruling from the UK's drug regulator, which will allow for women to buy the pill for £7.50 per month.

Starting at the end of July, two brands that produce the progesterone-only "mini pills" will be available for purchase without a prescription.

All you'll need to avail of this is a brief consultation with the pharmacist, which will now allow more women to easily access the pill.


The decision is very much being welcomed in the UK, with June Raine, chief executive of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), saying it was "good news for women and families."

She said: "Pharmacists have the expertise to advise women on whether desogestrel is an appropriate and safe oral contraceptive pill for them to use and to give women the information they need, to make informed choices."

These mini pills are made with desogestrel, a synthetic progesterone that prevents eggs from being fertilised by thickening the lining of the uterus.

Sexual health doctors have been calling on the UK government to make these pills free in local pharmacies as they are usually if you were to get a prescription to get them. They are also asking that a wider range of brands be introduced to customers.