New dads gain over a stone after baby is born, research finds 8 months ago

New dads gain over a stone after baby is born, research finds

First-time fathers gain an average 8.5 kilos in the year after becoming a dad, new research shows.

Post-pregnancy weight gain in women is often discussed, but the 'Dad Bod' in men is not talked about as much.

According to a survey conducted by LighterLife Fast, 22 percent of new dads gain over a stone after the birth of their child. On average, first-time fathers gain around 8.5 kilograms - or 1st 5lbs - in the year after becoming a dad. This figure is almost equal to what new mums experience.

The research found that one in ten new dads gain the same amount of weight as new mothers within the first year.

Over 1,500 men were subject of this survey, which also revealed the moments when new dads realised the true extent of their weight gain.

  • 25 percent noticed after seeing an unflattering picture of themselves
  • 27 percent when clothes became too snug
  • 15 percent after getting out of breath playing with their children
  • 26 percent realised they had gained weight when other health concerns were flagged

So why do new dads gain weight?

There are many reasons why first-time fathers experience weight gain. According to the survey, new dads get less free time. 74 minutes less, to be precise. Many new dads also said they do less exercise and do not spend enough time preparing meals.

There is also the inevitable loss of sleep.

Impaired sleep messes with your levels of satiety - that feeling of fullness after eating. It also leads to lower levels of testosterone and growth hormone, which can negatively impact your strength and muscle mass.

It's not all bad news, though.

Investing in blackout blinds and taking advantage of available nap time can help you get the most out of your sleep. Writing out the tasks you've completed each day has also been shown to improve sleep quality.