This new pregnancy test has one seriously impressive feature 2 years ago

This new pregnancy test has one seriously impressive feature

Ever taken a pregnancy test in secret, trying to hide it in the bin once you were finished?

If so, you'll reckon this new invention is pretty darn clever.

Home pregnancy tests have been around for the last 30 years, but strangly, they haven't really changed or developed much in that time – until now.

Say hello to the new flushable pregnancy test.

Lia Diagnostics have developed the first pregnancy test in the world that you can actually fluch down the toilet once you have read your results.

The clever new invention made its global debut this week at the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, where it went on to win first prize among some highly competitive startups.

As for how it works, the pregnancy test still acts like the regular old pee sticks we know, and will show results with lines like usual (two if you're pregnant, one if not – to those of you who have yet to take this exciting test!). But instead of plastic, the test is made from natural plant fibers that flush as easily as toilet paper, disperses in water and biodegrades in soil.

Even better? If you have ever tried to control your aim to hit the really small target point on a regular pregnancy test (and ended up with pee all over your hands...), you will realise just how nifty it is that this test has a much larger collection area.  It

Oh – and better yet too? With this new test, the visible result last just long enough for people to take it and get the result before it starts breaking down – meaning, of course, that means women can take the test and share the results on our own terms, and not have to worry about who sees it.

According to, the people at Lia Diagnostic expect the test to available in US pharmacies as early as 2018.