PICTURE: We've found the world's cleanest alcoholic drink 4 years ago

PICTURE: We've found the world's cleanest alcoholic drink

And it's a cocktail...

You probably know by now that alcohol and diets don't mix. You get drunk, you want to eat pizza.


Then when you're rough you just want to eat more sh*te for the next three days to get over your hangover. It's just a basic fact of life.

If you want to get all sciencey about why alcohol is a sure-fire diet ruiner, it's because when your body is trying to metabolise all that ethanol in your liver, fat burning is essentially switched off.

But it's so hard to go teetotal, especially with summer coming, festival season on the horizon and just the fact that come Friday you're ready to dull your senses into submission with as much booze as humanly possible.

If you are going to insist on drinking when you're trying to get in shape, just remember not all alcoholic drinks are created equal.

Things like red wine, which contain powerful anti-oxidant resveratrol with anti-ageing, anti-cancer and anti-fat storage properties effects, is infinitely better than a pint of booze-laden energy drink.

Recently we looked at three types of alcohol which are the best if you're trying to eat as clean as possible.

But it looks like there could be one drink above all others that will limit the damage on your diet.


That drink is the 'paleo margarita'.


You probably won't get the same satisfaction as downing an ice cold pint of lager - but it will still do the trick, and you won't bloat up like airship after eight of them.

It's the go-to drink for CrossFitters and primal eaters alike - and unlike a normal margarita, it isn't laden with too many calories and sugar (up to 300 cals and 30g of sugar, according to UltimatePaleoGuide).

How do you make one?


2 shots agave tequila

1 fresh lime, juiced and pulped

Soda water

Shake up and pour over ice


Classic margarita cocktail with salty rim on wooden table with limes and drink utensils

Why is it so much better?

It has about half the calories of a normal margarita - as little as 65 calories if you have one shot.

Normal tequila often contains high amounts of refined sugar - unless it is distilled from agave, which has no added sugar.


You won't get the same insulin spikes, fat storage won't be as high and the lime juice also helps blunts your body's insulin response.

A paleo diet we can get behind.