Her Check-Up: How To Give Up Smoking This Year 8 years ago

Her Check-Up: How To Give Up Smoking This Year

This Sunday marks No Tobacco Day. While some people wait until New Year's to break a long-held habit, we believe there's no time like the present.

It's never easy to give up smoking, and making the decision to quit is a big step in willpower and determination.


Here are some top tips to help you stub out that bad habit.

1. Believe you can do it

If you’ve already tried and failed, so what? Maybe it will be lucky number 3, or maybe it will be lucky number 33. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Start out by telling yourself you can do this, over and over again until you really believe it


2. Set yourself a date

Mark down the day you want to be done with cigarettes, and give yourself a day or two to prepare for it, or longer if needs be. If you need to have that ceremonial ‘last puff’, so be it.

3. Write down all the reasons you want to quit

Keep your list somewhere visible – a note you carry around in your bag, by your bed or on the fridge. Preferably, keep your list somewhere you’ll see it when your worst cravings typically strike. Remind yourself of these reasons whenever you feel antsy.



4. Start a savings account

It could be as simple as buying one of those money tins that you have to cut with a can opener. Put aside the equivalent of the money you were spending every week on cigarettes, and plan to treat yourself when you make it to a landmark, like six months without.

5. Read about the benefits for your body


Quitting smoking has an almost immediate beneficial effect on your health. Read up on how quickly different parts of your body will respond to being smoke free for further inspiration.

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6. Eat well, sleep well and get plenty of exercise

Don’t give your body the chance to focus on the longing for cigarettes. It’s a myth that smoking makes you thin, but some ex-smokers do put on weight as they use food as a substitute for the routine of smoking. Keep plenty of healthy snacks to hand and make sure you get regular exercise to speed up your body’s recovery.

7. Change your routine


If you smoke while sitting at home watching TV in the evenings, give your hands something else to do. A puzzle, some knitting or even holding a stress ball can take away the need to feel something in your hands. If you smoke at work to escape the desk, replace your cigarette break with a tea break and have a cup of soothing herbal tea, or simply stretch your legs with a five-minute walk.


8. Dump the goods

Don’t keep ‘emergency’ cigarettes on your person or in your home. Get rid of lighters and ashtrays too. Cravings are intense, but they do pass. If you make having a cigarette a huge operation, you may be less inclined to give in.

9. Know the side effects

Part of giving up smoking is going through withdrawal. It’s not pleasant, but preparation is key. Remember that symptoms like nausea, headaches and a cough reflect the fact that your body is hard at work getting rid of toxins.

10. Keep going

If at first you don’t succeed - try, try again. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remember that tomorrow is another day. Resolutions don’t have to wait for another January 1st to roll around.

If you want more help, guidance or information about smoking, check out the national Quit website here.