So This What Your Stomach Rumbling Actually Means... 6 years ago

So This What Your Stomach Rumbling Actually Means...

If your stomach emits a grumbling noise, people often assume this is your body telling you food would be a good idea.

However, according to a microbiologist Guilia Enders, the slightly embarrassing rumble actually means your gut is cleaning itself.


Guilia has penned a book entitled Gut: The Inside Story Of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, where she explains that the "gut cleaning" process takes place in between meals.


About an hour after your small intestine has finished digesting food, a muscular contraction sweeps food from the stomach into your intestines to leave your stomach clean.

However, if you start to snack, this process stops immediately and to allow your stomach sufficient cleaning time, nutritional scientists recommend leaving five hours between meals.