Spotlight On: Contraception... The Male and Female Condoms 8 years ago

Spotlight On: Contraception... The Male and Female Condoms

Contraception and its many different forms are a talking point for women across the country. With so many different types on the market, coupled with the fact that every woman’s body is different, we take a closer look at all the options that are available to you. 

Last week, we explained all the basic facts that you need to know about the Contraceptive diaphragm and cap including how they work and how effective they are.


Now, we will take a look at some other popular forms of contraception including the male and female condoms.


The Female Condom.

What exactly is it?


The female condom is made from a soft thin plastic. It is inserted inside the vagina before sex and must be removed immediately after sex.

How does it work?

The female condom is worn inside the vagina in order to stop sperm from reaching the womb.



How effective is it?

If used correctly, the female condom will help to prevent against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The female condom is 95% effective. There is currently only one brand of female condom available in Ireland – Femidom.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of the female condom is that it helps to protect against pregnancy and STIs and HIV. Using the female condom means that you only need to think about contraception when you are having sex. Most of the time, there are no medical side effects to using the condom.


What are the disadvantages?

Some people find that using condoms can interrupt sex, but the female condom can be inserted up to eight hours before sex. There is a risk that the condom may split or tear if not used properly.

Another disadvantage is that female condoms are not readily available and can often be quite expensive.

Who can use the female condom?

Most women can use the female condom.




The Male Condom

What is it?

A male condom is a barrier form of contraception that is worn by a man during sex. It is a thin sheath that is rolled down over a man’s penis before sex. The male condom is the most common form of contraception.

How does it work?

The condom prevents sperm from entering into a woman’s vagina during sex.

How effective is it?

If used in the correct way, condoms are 97% effective and not only do they prevent against pregnancy but they also protect against STIs.

What are the advantages?

Condoms are available on sale without prescription in a variety of different outlets around the country. Both men and women can purchase condoms, allowing both genderes to be in control of their contraception. Condoms are also used to prevent against STIs and there are usually no medical side effects.

Condoms are also available in a variety of sizes and varieties.


What are the disadvantages?

Some people have difficulty putting a condom on correctly and condoms can therefore get damaged or torn.

More importantly, people need to be aware that condoms have an expiry date and must be used before this date.

Some men may experience a lack of sensitivity.

Who can use it?

Most men and women can use condoms as a form of contraception.