Study highlights the importance of taking folic acid and people got angry 5 years ago

Study highlights the importance of taking folic acid and people got angry

Folic acid is incredibly important - we all know that.

But a new study highlighting that importance has certainly raised eyebrows.


Safefood conducted a survey of 500 women aged 18 and over. Through the responses received, they learned that "80 percent check their mobile and social media as part of their morning routine."

It was also ascertained that "following eating breakfast and taking a shower, typical morning habits included applying makeup (56 percent), picking an outfit (56 percent), preparing lunches (47 percent), styling hair (46 percent) and doing the school run (27 percent)."

However, just one-in-four of us are taking our folic acid tablets.


Women are told to take 400mg of folic acid supplements each day... even if they don’t plan on becoming pregnant. Safefood says women don't receive enough folic acid through diet, even if they're eating fortified foods (like breakfast cereals).

But the way in which this important message was delivered left many very peeved indeed.




A petition demanding the study and press release be retracted has already gathered over half of the signatures it's aiming for.

Putting aside the way in which it was promoted, it's fair to say we should be aware of the benefits of folic acid or folate.

Folic acid (or the naturally occurring form, folate) is essential for a baby’s development during pregnancy and if mum isn’t getting enough it can lead to neural tube defect and conditions such as spina bifida (birth defect of the spine) among others.

Dr Marian O’Reilly of Safefood said:

“With 50 percent of all pregnancies unplanned, taking folic every morning gets you into a healthy habit, even if a baby is the last thing on your mind.”