The very simple trick that may help you to fall asleep within minutes 3 years ago

The very simple trick that may help you to fall asleep within minutes

Wave goodbye to sleepless nights and counting sheep.

We’ve all heard that we’re meant to get at least eight hours of sleep a night - but it can be tough to do at the best of times.


With the stresses and strains of modern day-to-day life, even managing to fall asleep easily can be difficult.

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But science now think that pink noise, a particular kind of background noise, could actually work as a treatment for insomnia.

According to a study recently published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, pink noise is a less intrusive and more relaxing version of white noise.


It can lead to a better, deeper sleep - and if used continuously, could even improve your memory.

The research involved people listening to pink noise as they slept

And when they were tested the next day, participants reported feeling a lot more rested.


They also performed three times better in memory and cognition tests compared to a standard night sleep.

But, in a bit of good news, you won’t have to participate in a scientific study if you fancy trying pink noise to help you drift off to sleep.

There’s hours upon hours of pink noise recordings on YouTube and a number of other apps to help you try and nod off.