There is a non-health benefit to drinking tea 3 years ago

There is a non-health benefit to drinking tea

As if we needed an excuse to drink more tea.

They say a cup of tea is like a hug in a mug, or maybe it's just me who says that.

Either way, it's hard to disagree that tea is magic, it warms you up when you're cold, it settles your tummy if you're not feeling well and is linked to numerous health benefits.

But there is another benefit to drinking and holding a hot drink which has just been scientifically proven.

Tea or coffee could actually make you more friendly, approachable and warm when it comes to others.

A recent study asked strangers to rate others on how welcoming and trustworthy they felt they were. Those holding a hot drink rated the strangers higher in areas like trust and friendliness while those holding cold drinks felt the opposite.

It is believe that this is because of the long-used metaphorical links between warm and cold as ways to describe personalities.

So the next time you're trying to impress someone buy them a cup of coffee rather than a beer and they will see you as kind and warm, apparently.