There's a very easy way to save more than 200 calories per day 5 years ago

There's a very easy way to save more than 200 calories per day

It couldn't be easier.

First of all, calories are not everything, some people just eat healthy and never take them into consideration, but others use it to help them maintain a healthy diet.


Even if you pay no attention to calorie counting, there is one way to reduce fat, sodium, cholesterol and sugar as well as over 200 calories, and you're probably already doing it.

New research suggests that drinking more water could stop you from eating as much when you're not hungry.

The study looked at eating and drinking habits of 18,311 people as part of a long-term survey. It found that the average person drinks 4.2 cups of water per day, but people who drank an extra three cups at less than those who drank the average amount of water.

It's obviously not big news that water is good for you, at this stage we've been told enough that it has countless benefits, but the study shows that it could be the answer avoid picking and binge eating food.


Other studies have long suggested that sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually just thirsty so drinking a glass of water may quench your thirst and satisfy you.

We're obviously not suggesting you replace food with water, but next time you're hungry only a few hours after a big dinner, check if you're actually just thirsty.