This is what booze diet experts drink to stay in shape 4 years ago

This is what booze diet experts drink to stay in shape

How do you stay in razor sharp shape and still go out and have a good time?

You probably know the answer in your heart of hearts - ditch the alcohol all together. It's full of empty calories and will hamper those precious "gainz".

Unless you're going ultra militant on some Spartan diet with absolutely no alcohol, bad carbs or treats, you'll be itching to go out for a few cheeky drinks.

So here are a few pro tips from diet experts that can help you minimise the damage.

Eat This Not That found three alcoholic drinks you can knock back without causing a full-scale diet disaster.


Two glasses of margarita coctail on black and white background with deep shadows.

The Mexican liquor is safe bet on the calories front with only 96 cals - well, if you're not mixing it with a pint of full sugar cola.

Always look for the tequila that's made from 100% agave. It's naturally sweet and contains no added sugar, which is better for your body.

The best way to enjoy it is the old 'Paleo Margarita' - a measure of agave tequila, soda water and loads of fresh lime (lime is brilliant for weight loss as it's full of soluble fibre which helps the body deal with sugar better).


alcoholic drink with lemon and ice on a old wooden table

If you want to keep your body lean, keep your spirits clear. Any dark spirits like black rum often contain more sugar than their transparent counterparts.

There are just 72 calories in a standard 35ml pub measure of vodka and gin - and no carbs.

Before you start slinging in full fat mixers packed with sugar, just stop and think.

Sling in a slimline tonic or some soda and a fist full of fresh lime and you won't feel as guilty going out drinking on your summer shred programme.



Yes, wine has a fair few calories in per glass - a 250ml glass has around 170 calories and 6g of carbs. It's not going to be ideal for your diet or your physique if you're knocking back a full bottle every night.

But the odd glass once in a blue moon might not be as bad for you as people say.

We know from this recent Harvard study that a glass of wine in the evening can actually help you feel fuller and stop you snacking.

But even more interesting it contains a chemical called resveratrol, which works in the body by stopping fat cells from gaining more fat.

Bottoms up!