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Too Hungover To Exercise? This Study Says Think Again
Feeling sluggish after a few drinks the night before? Well, according to this study, you should be in flying form to run today!

The girls called you last night and invited you down to the local for one...

The one turned into three or four pints and you’re feeling fairly sluggish this morning, you had to forget about your daily run at 8am....

Well, according to this research, you could have made your run at 8am and you could have put in a better performance than any other morning.

The study showed that a few drinks might not be so damaging to your training schedule after all.

But that just applies to us girls.

The research revealed that women could actually run further after a night o moderate drinking. Men, on the other hand, failed to put in as good a performance.

An experiment, carried out by magazine Runner's World, tested runners' endurance the morning after a pub session.

It found that females, on average, ran 22 per cent longer the morning after drinking beer.

But it was bad news for the men, as they recorded a 21 per cent slower time the day after drinking up to four pints.


Dr Gig Leadbetter, of the Colorado Mesa University's Human Research Lab, led the experiment.

"The women did better after beer, but men cancelled it out by doing worse,” he told the Daily Mail.

He admitted he would have to carry out more studies to understand the results, but added that women “use and metabolise fuel sources differently to men”.

It is not the first time moderate drinking and exercise have been linked together in research.

A 2009 study from the University of Miami found that the more people exercise, the more they drink, with the most active women consuming the highest amounts every month.

The analysis of more than 230,000 men and women revealed that, on average, drinkers of both genders and all ages were 10 percent more likely to engage in vigorous exercise like running.

We think maybe it could just be our determination to rid ourselves of the sluggish feeling the next morning?!

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