Trying Dry January? Here Are The Benefits You’ll Start Reaping From Week 1 4 years ago

Trying Dry January? Here Are The Benefits You’ll Start Reaping From Week 1

If you’ve spent most of today curled up in the foetal position, it might be time to consider having a dry January.

With a bank balance that’ll leave you eating tins of beans until pay day, and one too many nights out in a row, this is the perfect time to commit to that health kick.

Here are some of the benefits (both in body and mind) that are in-store for those who ditch the drink for a month…

Wake Up Glowing

Dehydration from alcohol doesn’t just serve you bad breath, a pounding headache and an insatiable thirst the next morning. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, making you look dull and waxy. Quit the booze to find your complexion brightening, any ruddiness in your cheeks and nose fading (caused by swollen capillaries) and any dandruff or eczema lessen or disappear. You’ll be kicking off 2016 with a healthy shine…

Experimenting With Skin Products We’re all tempted to buy the latest skin creams and serums, especially when they promised to dock twenty years off our face. While looking for something that suits you is a good idea, overhauling your routine in search for the elixir of youth every few weeks isn’t. Dermatologists recommend to stick to your daily beauty routine, sometimes it can take up to six or eight weeks to see a difference. Also, whenever you can, give your skin a break from makeup.

So Long Hangover

That horrible crippling fear you have after a serious night out? Be prepared to forget the anxiety now you’re sticking to fizzy drinks. As well as headaches, nausea and long-term damage to your liver, altering moods and heightening feelings of depression and despair are common side-effects of alcohol. Staying off the champers will help keep the head and body clear.

Hello Weekend

You’re about to have a lot of free time on your hands. You won’t be in bed until noon, or lolling on the couch praying away the hours until you feel normal. Enjoy having two full days in your weekend again.


The Weekend What?! Yes, it’s true. Weekend or ‘let-down’ headaches can happen when you take a break from your routine. Ease into the change by keeping your sleep time as normal as possible. You’ll end up feeling more rested than if you stay in bed until noon, tempting as it is!

A New Awakening

Alcohol can really affect concentration and sleep patterns. While you’re on the dry, you’ll start noticing your body clock will kick in, your sleep patterns more regular and your alertness is about to hit an all-time high (not to mention your energy levels). There’s never a better time to start a new project, or maybe conquer a resolution… French lesson anyone?

Money, Money, Money

Ooh look, it’s half-way through the month and my card didn’t catch fire at the ATM?! Yep, welcome to the millionaire’s club.

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Most alcohol is loaded with sugar and empty calories, which often take up camp at your mid-section. Ditch the alcohol and by week three you’re about to start rediscovering your washboard stomach.

Your Sex Is On Fire

Here’s something not too many people will brag about – you’re about to have the best sex of your life. Alcohol can dull your senses—all of your senses. While you might think you need some dutch courage, sober sex is about to blow your mind.