Vicky Phelan to receive Freedom of Limerick award 1 year ago

Vicky Phelan to receive Freedom of Limerick award

Vicky is being honoured for uncovering the Cervical Check scandal.

Women's health advocate Vicky Phelan will receive the Freedom of Limerick from the Limerick City and County Council.


According to RTÉ, the decision to award Vicky the freedom of the city was unanimous. The ceremony will take place in 2022.

She had been nominated by Mayor Daniel Butler, who described her as an "inspiration".

Cllr Butler said: "[Vicky] has faced and continues to face her health challenges head on, with a drive and determination that has garnered the respect and admiration of all."

The Council added: "The honour is reserved for those who have made exceptional or unique contributions to the common good or to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the life of Limerick."


Vicky was one of the many women whose life was severely impacted by the Cervical Check scandal. After her missed diagnosis, she has been sharing her experience with the illness, and has become an advocate for women's health.

The Council has said that Vicky is being honoured for "uncovering the Cervical Check scandal and her tireless support of other women who have been affected and are fighting for justice".


In accepting the Freedom of Limerick, Vicky said she was "delighted".

"I am a very proud blow-in from Kilkenny who has made her home in Limerick," Vicky said. "I have always felt welcomed and accepted in Limerick, even before I became this public figure so I would be absolutely thrilled to accept the offer."

Vicky also pointed to the four other women who have received the Freedom of the city before her. They are Ishbel Maria Hamilton-Gordon, Maud Gonne, Kathleen Clarke and Trudy Hunt.

Last month, Vicky appeared on the Late Late Show, where she discussed her decision to stop chemotherapy and begin palliative care.


She told Ryan Tubridy: "I'd rather be well and have a shorter time frame. I'd like my children to have memories of doing stuff with me and if I die sooner, so be it."