Wearing gym leggings outside the gym is really bad for you. Here's why. 6 years ago

Wearing gym leggings outside the gym is really bad for you. Here's why.

Wearing gym leggings everywhere is just too easy.

When it comes to being lazy, I am definitely the queen of all.


It's so easy slipping on your gym clothes and being able to actually breathe relax while running around doing your errands for the day - walking the dog, going shopping, getting coffee - all while super comfortable in stretchy comfy leggings.

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The bad news is - according to Cosmopolitan, dermatologists have sworn the material used in gym wear doesn't breathe well, causing your leggings, sports bra, and training top to hold sweat closer to your skin and in turn, bring on skin problems.


This sweat and dirt being blocked into your skin can lead to things like folliculitis, where your body hairs can become inflamed and irritated.

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Gym leggings are problematic in particular for women as the sweat and extra moisture gathered around your downstairs area can cause extra bacteria in your vagina.


Extra bacteria = extra chance of infections.

The beautiful menu of bacterial options you're prone to pick up while wearing sweaty gym leggings includes  vaginitis and/or yeast infections.


Looks like in the long run it's best to just keep your leggings for... well... a long run.


(We'll see ourselves out).