These are the 10 most expensive cities in Europe if you're renting 2 years ago

These are the 10 most expensive cities in Europe if you're renting

Thinking of relocating?

With every travel post we see on Instagram, we edge closer and closer to the airport.

The idea to pack our bags and head away is always in the back of our minds but when it comes to choosing the right location, we probably should steer clear of the destinations we see on Instagram.

Yes, it’s no surprise that popular tourist destinations are among the most expensive cities when it comes to paying rent but seeing it in black and white has us rethinking our options.

The ECA International has found that for the third year running London is the most expensive European city to pay rent in.

Yep, renting a three-bed apartment in London is likely to set you back £5,398 a month, which roughly converts to €6,117.

That puts the UK city way above the European average rent of €1,932.

And one Irish city also earned a spot on the list of the 10 most expensive cities to rent in. Yes, Dublin was up there with the likes of Paris and Moscow, and ECA's Accommodation Services Manager Alec Smith says there are two standout reasons why.

“The past 10 years have seen a significant turnaround in the fortunes of Dublin’s residential rental market. The global financial crisis exposed a property bubble in the Irish capital and rents have increased significantly with each subsequent year of recovery.

"The cost of renting has also been affected by elevated demand from international companies relocating staff while looking to take advantage of Ireland’s low corporate tax rate.”

Check out the full list below to see how Dublin fared.

1. London - £5,398 (€6,117)
2. Moscow - £4,126 (€4,675)
3. Zurich - £3,794 (€4,229)
4. Geneva - £3,698 (€4,190)
5. Istanbul - £3,208 (€3,635)
6. Kiev - £2,762 (€3,130)
7. Paris - £2,747 (€3,113)
8. Dublin - £2,688 (€3,046)
9. Amsterdam - £2,632 (€2,983)
10. Stockholm - £2,579 (€2,992)