10 GIFs That Prove 'The Notebook' Is The Most Misleading Love Story Ever 5 years ago

10 GIFs That Prove 'The Notebook' Is The Most Misleading Love Story Ever

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of The Notebook.

There’s no denying that the Noah and Ali love story may be the greatest of our time, however there a few things are a little misleading about this romantic hit film.

Noah built Ali a dream house, wrote her 365 letters - one every day for a year and was willing to risk his life catching a cold for a smooch in the rain, but will we ever come close to finding our very own loveable handyman (steady on, we mean craftsman)? The simple answer is no.

Here are the ten reasons why The Notebook is a really misleading look at love for us Irish females.


1. What Do You Want?

Wait, is this a man using his initiative and asking us what we want in something other than the local Chinese take away? Surely not?!

Ah, that's because us Irish women are never really too sure exactly what it is that we want in the first place... how are the poor divils suppose to know?!


2. It Wasn't Over.

Forget the fat lady singing, it's not over until a sexy man builds you a house, which is something that will sadly never happen.


3. Ballsy Love

Unlike this leading lady, the majority of us would never ask a man to be with us. Why? For fear that he might actually think we like him... IMAGINE that.


4. Emotional Blackmail...

Never works out this easy in real life and 9 times out of 10 will result in a row followed by a few moments (hours) of silence.


5. Flying High

Somehow we can't imagine an Irish man ever referring to himself as a bird.


6. "It's Going Be Really Hard..."

Irish men aren't great at expressing their feelings for anything other than the GAA. A man telling a woman how he actually feels about her is a bit of a rare deal these days.

Call us new age but we're judging love these days by the position our fancy man has us on his snapchat friends list... If you're out of his Top 3 then you may as well forget about it.


7. Bebo Love

Rule No.1 in the Unofficial Irish Girl Code - When engaging in conversation with an ex NEVER let him know you still have feelings with him.


8. Law Of Attraction...

We're huge fans of Rhonda Byrne, her Secret and the laws of attraction but a sentence like this would be instantly dismissed as a cheesy chat-up line...


9. It's Raining Men... 

Ask yourself this; have you ever witnessed such an aggressive display of PDA in real life? Ever walked down the street in the rain and felt the need to kiss your significant other?

No… The answer is no because that sadly doesn’t happen. In a country that has its fair share of rain (understatement of the century) if such happenings occurred in places other than the movies don’t you think we’d have seen this at least once in our lifetime? Sorry folks, the thing you’re most likely to do in the rain is run for shelter and not into the arms of your true love.

10. Hate's A Strong Word...

Now, that's more like it...