10 Of YouTube's Most Underappreciated Videos 4 years ago

10 Of YouTube's Most Underappreciated Videos

YouTube is delightful.

It's full of some incredibly wonderful stuff, although I regularly find myself in the weird part of YouTube.


You start off listening to Justin Bieber's latest banger and end up watching how to make your own spiced apple scented candle in the shape of the yellow Power Ranger. Happens.

Here's 10 of the most underappreciated YouTube videos that I would like to give their well-deserved moment in the sun.

A Day Well Spent

As you can see, this man went on Space Mountain 17 times (clap clap) and made an incredible video out of his photographs. Sensational.



Enya VS Minion Rampage

Only Enya could make something already incredible, even more incredible.




It's a weird ketchup-dispensing apparatus and the 20th Century Fox theme badly played on a flute. What is not to love?


Gene Parmesan Supercut


The absolute best part of Arrested Development was Lucille's relationship with Gene Parmesan.


Wiggle Dog


It's the ears. The moves. The shade from the dog behind him. It's everything.

Megan Amram's Glee Audition

Alarmingly, this did not get the queen of Twitter on Glee. Their loss is our gain.


10 Hours Of Nyan Cat

What's better than the original Nyan Cat video? 10 hours of it, that's what.


Bo Burnham - "What." Finale

Good Christ this is incredible and deserves more views than literally any Britney Spears song.


Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty

This has divided the YouTube community. If you accept that it is simply a genius satire and in no what diminishing the need for animal rights, you are a normal and intelligent human being.



Fenton. Oh Jesus Christ.