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Brought to you by the National Lottery.

Please, can we just win?

Winning the Lotto is something that most of us can only dream about. This Wednesday (15 February), the Lotto jackpot is a massive €10 million which got us dreaming about what we would do if we won.

The possibilities are just endless.

Here are the ten things we would do if we had the winning ticket. Fingers crossed!

1. Buy our parents something they have always wanted

We would obviously have to look after our nearest and dearest first. We would love to buy our parents a brand new car or even pay off their mortgage to say thank you for everything they've done over the years. Just imagine their faces.

2. Treat our hard-working friends to a holiday


How great would it be to whisk your entire crew away to somewhere like Bali or the Carribean for a week? We would stay in five-star hotels and have room service every morning. It would be the perfect treat.

3. A dream job

It’s not easy to land that dream job but a Lotto win would certainly give freedom to get there…whether it’s volunteering for your favourite charity or taking up that makeup course you always wanted to do to become the next Joyce Bonelli.

4. Go on an around the world trip

Without having to worry about the money. If we won we would book an around the world trip with our bestie or significant other. See you in a few months.

5. Start our perfect business


Have you always had a burning business idea but never seen it through? If we won we would definitely put our plan into action and finally become an entrepreneur.

6. Buy our dream house

Do you always drive past the same house every day and wonder what it would be like to live there? If we won we would march straight up to their front door and offer to buy it on the spot.

7. Go on a shopping spree in New York

You can't win the Lotto and not treat yourself to a few things. We would love to go on an amazing shopping spree to the 'Big Apple'.

8. Throw a huge party for our friends and family

And pay our favourite band to play at it.


9. Build an at home cinema

If you're a movie fan then you'll probably agree that an at home cinema is the ultimate dream. We might have already created a Pinterest board for inspiration.

10. Finish off your bucket list

Having €10 million would give us the freedom to get everything ticked off our bucket list (and more). We could go sky-diving, visit the 7 wonders of the world and maybe even try something adventurous like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

This article is brought to you by the National Lottery.

Tonight’s Lotto Jackpot is €10 Million. Play today before the draw takes place at 7.45PM this evening #TimeToPlay. How would you spend €10 million?


Sure it's only bleedin' deadly #Girls With Goals! 

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