10 stunning – and unique – Irish baby names that are not too popular yet 9 months ago

10 stunning – and unique – Irish baby names that are not too popular yet

Traditional Irish names have enjoyed a boom in popularity over recent years, both here in Ireland and abroad.

However, if you want to avoid the ones that are currently riding high in the trend list, fear not, there are still some truly stunning unique and almost forgotten about Gaelic names for both genders out there.

Here are just a selection of our favourites:

1. Eanna

Baby boys

Eanna means ‘birdlike’ and is a variant of the name Enda.

2. Mealla

Baby girls

A beautiful but not often used name, Mealla actually means ‘lightning.'

3. Seanan

Baby boys

A variant of the name ‘Sean’, Seanan means ‘little wise person.’

4. Grian

Baby girls

Grian (Gree-un) is said to mean 'sun goddess'.

5. Lugh

Baby boys

A Celtic Sun God and father of Cú Chulainn, the name Lugh means 'light or brightness'.

6. Treasa

Baby girls

Possibly meaning ‘strength’, Treasa is considered to be the Gaelic form of Teresa.

7. Aodh

Baby boys

Aodh is an older form of the somewhat more common Aidan, Aiden or Aodhan, and means ‘fire’.

8. Sorcha

Baby girls

Sorcha is thought of as the Irish version of ‘Sarah’, although it literally means ‘radiant.

9. Cael

Baby boys

A warrior and a member of Na Fianna in Irish Mythology.

10. Céibhfhionn

Baby girls

Céibhfhionn(Kay-von) is a name that means 'fair locks' in Gaelic. This was also the name of the Irish goddess of inspiration.