10 Things... Her.ie Loved This Week 4 years ago

10 Things... Her.ie Loved This Week

Another Friday rolls around and we're taking a look back over the week that was. Our highlights this week include...


Snap Happy

Her.ie joined Snapchat this week. Yes, we're late to the party - but rest assured we're worth the wait. You'll find us under the username Her.ie, funnily enough.


Lining Out For Ireland

Mary had a brilliant time out in UCD this week training with the Irish Women's Hockey team ahead of their World League 2 campaign. Mary was taught all the skills needed for the game and was proud as punch when they presented her with an Irish training top!


Toot Toot, Beep Beep!

This week Liz is over the moon after passing her driving test. After three years on a provisional licence, countless lessons and building (and losing her nerve) she finally made it to the test centre and conquered her nerves. She might even have hugged the instructor when he told her she passed.

Now that she’s legally allowed to make big plans, she’s busy drawing up her first roadtrip route. Keep an eye out for her and Alfie (her little green Yaris) coming to a town near you…


Dress for Success

It's well-known in Her.ie Towers that Michelle is the human form of a magpie and is never happier than when presented with new jewellery. Her latest treasure is already one of her all-time favourites. The fabulous Success collection by Irish designer Melissa Curry is available from The Kilkenny Shop now and wearing this every day is serving as a reminder to always reach for the top. In fact, Michelle has already pledged to pick up one or two more for some of the amazing women in her life.


Everybody Loves (Cup)Cakes

Rebecca (and her stomach) got a treat from Tesco this week when they sent cupcakes into the office. The store is currently calling on customers to nominate a local good cause for their next phase of charitable donations. That made the cupcakes taste even better!


Lady in Leather

Marie has been on a mission to find the perfect leather jacket for several years but while many fine candidates have crossed her path, she struggled to fine 'The One'. Until last weekend that is! Now, this little beaut from Guess has pride of place in her wardrobe and she is a very happy lady!


Wannabe Spice Girl

Cathy was in London on Monday to interview Baby Spice and yes, she was more than a little starstruck. She's happy to report that Emma Bunton is all kinds of lovely in real life and they had an epic chat. Look out for her interview on the site soon!


The Addiction Is Unbreakable… 

Liz loves a good Netflix binge, but the newest comedy from Tina Fey just proves the woman can do no wrong. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the latest offering from the comic genius, and between the one-liners from roommate Titus, to the constantly on-point Jane Krakowski, she’s hooked.

With each episode lasting just 20 minutes, Liz is just fearing the mourning point when the end credits start to roll…


Muscle Memory

After having a very lazy start to the New Year, Rebecca decided to join a new gym, 1escape in Smithfield. While she loves the idea of getting back into shape, the fitness programme she's currently on is taking its toll on her muscles.


Sugar Free & Fruity

Mary was feeling super healthy this week when a big basket of healthy fruits and sugar free drinks came into the office. With zero per cent sugar, Mary was happily drinking the new MiWadi all week!