12 things only girls with big boobs will understand 3 years ago

12 things only girls with big boobs will understand

Before you tell us to ‘stop complaining’, it’s hard being a woman with big boobs.

Whether it’s watching your friends try on sweet strapless tops, or forking out €60 for a bra your granny would be proud of, with big boobs comes even bigger bother.


Before you decide we’re living the life of Reilly, here are 10 times we prove that the grass only looks that much greener on the other side.


Buying underwear is literally Mission Impossible.

Good luck finding a bra that comes in your size. Want something seductive? Your choices range between the granny bra on rail A and the flesh-coloured support bra with reinforced straps.




Button down shirts are the enemy.


It’s called a gaping hole for a reason. The gaping hole in your chest is almost as big as the long list of clothes you can strike off the list…


Speaking of which.

You can wave goodbye to anything strapless or backless. You could literally take an eye out. And those shift dresses? Prepare for the rumours to start rolling in…



You’ve been known to double up on sports bras.

But still have to exercise with your hands on your chest. Or this could happen...



People ask you your size ALL the time.

You wouldn’t dream of asking a lady her measurements, but suddenly her request to know your cup size is rolling off her tongue and you wish (once again) you could return to the days of trainer bras.


Direct eye contact is simply a myth.

Three words: We’re. Up. Here.


The fallout from eating ANYTHING.

We don’t know how, but eating popcorn, peanuts or M&Ms mean you’re going to have a shower of crumbs from those cups once you take off your bra.


Back ache is real.

We’re natural weight lifters without ever hitting the gym.

And yes, you do want to take two paracetamol while curling up with a hot water bottle.


Lying down is depressing.

Yes, you have sideboob, but it’s not sexy. They just happen to sit that way when you’re on your back.



People try to touch them ALL THE TIME...

Whether it be friends or complete strangers, tit-grabbing is TOTALLY not cool people. And YES, of course they're real. *eye roll*.



Babies may try latch on.

Which makes holding that new niece or nephew SUPER awkward. It’s ok kid, at least you can plead innocence.


Friends like to tell you ‘how lucky’ you are.

Many smaller-boobed mates will tell you endlessly that they wish they had your bosom... As you try to jam your chest into a fitted dress.

You’ve become the master of barely breathing through your mouth.