10 things that we've all fought with our sisters about 6 years ago

10 things that we've all fought with our sisters about

Brought to you by Crunchie

Sisters are often our first best friends, and sometimes our worst enemies. 


They'll drive you half demented, steal all your stuff and blame you for absolutely everything, but somehow there's still nobody else you'd rather have a sneaky gossip and a cup of tea with.

Unfortunately, they're also the person you're most likely to end up in an argument with. Here are the ten things that you are most likely to fight with your sister about.

Some of these will definitely sound familiar *cough, cough*.



1. Smooth criminal

Oh, she's a sneaky one. As soon as you leave the house for so much as an hour you can guarantee she's rooting through your wardrobe.

"That's a nice top in your new profile photo"

"Do you think? Got it in Penneys"


"Eh, no you didn't that's my top"

"You said I could borrow it!"

"I did not! You're ALWAYS stealing my stuff!"



2. Who's the favourite?

You're completely convinced she's the apple of your mum and dad's eyes and milks it for all it is worth. 

"Aw typical, mum lets you get away with everything because you're the favourite''

"I am not. You get away with murder, you're 100% the golden child."


"No way. You were the first, they have loved you for longer."


3. Taking turns

Not only is she the favourite she also loves to be waited on hand and foot, the cheek of it!

"Whose turn is it to make the tea?"

"Well, I made it last."

"No, you didn't. I definitely made it last."

"You so didn't! Grand, sure i'll make it AGAIN so..."

"Sound, will you bring me in a chocolate biccie when you're coming?"


4. Copy cat

Just like when you were younger and she would always want the toy you were playing with your sister will always try hop on your bandwagon. 

"You only like *insert band here* since I started listening them."

"What are you talking about? I liked them waay before you.''

"You so didn't. You're ALWAYS copying me!"


5. Parental birthday/anniversaries

Every. Single. Year. there is a drama.

"It's Mum's birthday on Saturday. What'll we do?"

"Maybe a bunch of flowers or something?"

"Grand, can you pick them up so?

"I did it last time. You always leave these things up to me. Why can't you do it?"

"I'm busy this week. Anyway, I totally bought that voucher for their anniversary."

"You did not! For Christ's sake... I suppose I'll have to do it. AGAIN."


6. Board games

Never ever a safe 'family activity.'

"Let's play Monopoly."

"Yeah, that'll be a nice relaxed way to spend a Sunday."

Fifteen minutes later...





7. The blame game

Oh she will throw you under the bus quicker than you can say 'it wasn't me.'

Mammy: Which one of you left the immersion on?

Mary: Well it wasn't me. Anne said she'd turn it off after her shower.

Anne: No I didn't! I said that I'd leave it on because I didn't know if you needed hot water for your hair.

Mary: That's total lies. Sure, I'm heading out in a minute. You're always blaming me for everything!

Anne: That's cos you're always wrong!

Mammy: Whist, the pair of ye!


8. Brutal honesty

If you're looking for someone to sugar coat it stay away from your sister.

"What do you think of this top?"

"It doesn't really do anything for you?"

"Why do you always have to be such a b*tch?"

"I was just being honest!"


9. Border territory

You'll know all about it if you've ever shared a room...

"Stop putting your mess on my side of the room."

"That's my side of the room."

"No it's NOT!"


10. Wise words

She might as well be Dr.Phil for the amount of advice she gives out.

"My boyfriend's such as ass and treats me so badly."

"He really does. You should break up with him."

"You never liked him anyway."

"I do! I just think you can do better."

"Back off. You're always telling me what to do. Mind your own business!"

"Grand so, suit yourself!"


Somehow even after all of that we still love them.

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