10 Things To Do When You've Got The Fear 5 years ago

10 Things To Do When You've Got The Fear

The first moments when you wake up after a night out are blissful, simply because it takes a few seconds for you to realise that you have potentially ruined your own life in one night – and not a bother to you!

The memories seep through almost as quick as the Red Bull mixed with the Jägermeister in last night’s Jäger bomb, (you’re right, it would have been rude not to).


Tonight we’re off to celebrate the launch of the newest addition to our family SportsJOE.ie (g’wan and say hello, they’re only new) and because we are such lovely people we thought it only fair to share with you our top 10 tips to help aid the dreaded fear.

We hope these ease hangovers across the country and prevent the fear where possibly - sadly we can’t work miracles.


1. Locate Your Belongings


Put your mind at ease by knowing that, although you may not have come home with your dignity entirely in tact, you still have your mobile phone, purse, keys and coat home. The little things help, trust us.

2. Avoid That One Friend



Without sounding harsh or cruel, it helps to avoid that one friend who loves to retell the entire night's events in great detail and takes great pleasure on informing you that you fell on the dance floor, stalked the fella who you promised yourself you'd steer clear of, ate a chicken burger in less than 10-seconds and had the coleslaw on your face to prove it.

Let the fear subside before you bother answering their calls.

3. Stay Off Social Media



Because who needs to see pictures of themselves when they feel less than their best?! No one, that's who.

A tip for those who use Facebook is to set all posts to approved. Handy.

4. Delirium Tremens

Sing your troubles away with one epic playlist. It may sound ridiculous now but when you've a pumping headache and are feeling sorry for yourself you will thank us for this one.


Music heals the soul... and a hangover. We suggest Christy Moore's Delirium Tremens appears on everyones list.

5. Crap TV

Watching reality television has the ability to make your entire life seem much better.



6. Food


Nothing beats consuming copious amounts of comfort food when you're in a fragile state.

If you're not up for running to the local supermarket to stock up on some frozen items then just remember, food is ALWAYS only a phone call away... (There'll be pizzas ordered in their dozens for lunch tomorrow).


7. The Cure


Nothing helps the fear quite like the cure. No, we're not suggesting you go on a bender the morning after the night before, but why not get yourself a Bloody Mary if you happen to be passing a bar.

Tomatoes are vegetables. Vegetables are good for you. Sorted!


8. Tear Jerkers

You're in a glass cage of emotion so it is best get it out off your system before 'The Fear' turns into a sequel and rolls over to the following day.

Get the laptop out and download a sloppy movie that guarantees you shed a few tears and you'll be well on the road to recovery. G'wan, cry it all out...


9. Pyjamas

Tight clothes are not your friend. Over-sized hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and pyjamas however, they're your new BFF.


10. Sleep


Get yourself to the darkest room in the house - those of you who have blackout blinds you're at a massive advantage. Sleep it off, it the greatest tip of all.

Honorary Mention: TEA!


There is nothing a good cup of tea won't solve.