10 Things… We Would Find It Hard To Live Without 6 years ago

10 Things… We Would Find It Hard To Live Without

Food, water, shelter… these are just some of the things we need in order to survive. In addition to the essentials however, there are plenty of items that make life more enjoyable.

When the Her.ie team were mulling this subject over, we came up with a variety of different things we would find it difficult to live without.

Family and Friends

Thinking of life without those closest to us is so horrible that we don’t want to dwell on this thought for very long. Safe to say, they take the number one spot on this particular list.


Wi-Fi is so widely used now that thinking of a world without it seems a bit mad. Remember the days of dial-up broadband? NO, just no. For anyone with a slight addiction to the internet, the words “no wifi” have been known to cause meltdowns, of the highly dramatic kind.


A Duvet

We weren’t sure whether to include beds or duvets here but then figured that if you have your duvet, you can make a bed anywhere. So, it might not be the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had but at the same time, there’s a lot to be said for a duvet day on the couch.


The Notebook (insert relevant soppy/feel-good film here)

A duvet day wouldn’t be complete without your favourite film, whether it’s a soppy romance, feel-good classic or hilarious comedy. Whether you’re a Stepbrothers, Little Miss Sunshine or Pearl Harbour fan, we all have a film that can improve your mood on a bad day.



The old saying “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” applies here. While the opposite sex might drive us completely around the bend at times, imagining life without them isn't very nice.



We love Penneys. There’s nowhere else in the world that you can come out with packed bags and still have change to call your own. The perfect place to go when you need a cheap pick-me up purchase, Friday night dress, holiday wardrobe or full on shopping spree. It’s THE best.


Chocolate/Cake/Ben and Jerry’s

There are people who claim not to have a sweet tooth but for those of you who do (Team Her are firmly on your side of the fence) you’ll understand the dismay we feel when thinking of life without our favourite treats. For some it’s a slice of chocolate fudge cake, others need their daily dose of Cadbury’s and Phish Food is a must for many.



Okay, so we would survive without it if we had to but we wouldn’t be happy about it. Make-up can transform your look instantly which comes in very handy when you’ve had a sleepless night, rough day or even if you’ve a hot date planned.



Life without toothbrushes. This is a disgusting thought. They're essential and your teeth wouldn't be long falling out if they weren't given sufficient care. That's enough of that now as nobody wants to think about rotting teeth for too long...