10 unique last-minute gifts for Valentine's Day 1 year ago

10 unique last-minute gifts for Valentine's Day

Can't decide what to get your partner?

Flowers, chocolate and jewellery - the classic gifts when it comes to surprising that special someone on Valentine's Day.


And while the traditional presents usually go down a treat, sometimes it's better to add a little imagination.

Whether you're buying for a partner, a crush, or even a friend, we've put together a list of unique, unisex and budget-friendly bits to help you out - while supporting some small Irish businesses too.

Here are our top picks.


1. Valentine's cocktails from Craft Cocktails

Who doesn't love a few cocktails? Aptly titled Be Mine, Grá mo Chroí, Kiss Me Quick and True Love, these stunning drinks come in four flavours, all of which can be bought separately or as a multipack. Bonus points for the super-cute packaging.

2. A cute mug from Love The Mug

These beautiful mugs are designed and made in Dublin by mother and daughter duo Pamela and Susan. Their 'Miles Apart Heart' collection is perfect for long-distance lovers. They've also got a range of candles and stationary to browse through.


3. A plantable card from Jiminy

Rather than a bouquet of flowers that last a couple of days, why not give your loved one flowers that will last? Jiminy's plantable cards are certainly unique and are made from recycled paper pulp with wildflower seeds added to it. Get creative and design the card with your own art and custom message at home.

Then, simply "bury the card under 0.5cm of soil, water it and keep it moist and warm (indoors if it's cold or too hot outside), and watch the wildflowers bloom!"


4. The Zeke from Kalm.ie 

If your loved one struggles with stress or anxiety, the Zeke is perfect. This little tool, worn as a necklace, can be used to slow your breath down, calm your mind, and help you relax. A handy thing to have on-the-go.

5. Toys for couples from Sex Siopa

If you feel like spicing things up a bit this Valentine's Day, why not check out Sex Siopa's toys for couples?

Ireland's most inclusive sex toy shop has lots to choose from, even for beginners, and everything is made from body safe materials.


6. Handmade candles from D8 Design Co.

Not only does this company make a wide array of handcrafted candles that smell amazing, there's also the option to order a customisable candle. Simply choose your preferred scent, along with a message to appear on the front - and voila!


7. Wellness bits from deDanu

DeDanu have some gorgeous bits in their Valentine's Day collection. From essential oils and diffusers to help you relax, to CBD infused lotions, to botanical skincare, there's lots to choose from. Plus, all ingredients are locally cultivated and free of toxins and allergens.

8. Soaps from Bluebird Soapery

All of Bluebird Soapery's products are handmade using only high quality and natural ingredients in small batches. The soaps smell phenomenal and leave skin feeling ultra-smooth. Everything is also vegan, completely cruelty-free and sustainable. Can't get much better than that.

9. Clonakilty Distillery Minke Gin School and Tour

For all those partners of gin-lovers, why not give your other half an experience to remember?

At The Clonakilty Distillery, the home of Minke Gin, guests will have the option of going on a distillery tour as well as learning a few lessons at 'gin school'. Bookings can be made through their website.

10. Butler's handmade heart-shaped chocolates

When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate. It's a classic but don't just grab any old box. Butler's heart-shaped chocolates are just that little bit more cute and romantic - and of course, they taste amazing too.

Happy Valentine's Day!