This puppy knows how to bowl and it may just be the cutest thing ever 3 years ago

This puppy knows how to bowl and it may just be the cutest thing ever

And it sounds like he's pretty good at it.

A puppy picked up a hilarious and adorable new skill after spending a lot of time at am bowling alley with his owners.


Blake, the eight-month-old golden doodle, was first introduced to bowling when he was 12 weeks old.

He was spending a lot of time at a bowling alley with his owners - so they decided to teach him how to knock down the pins.

His family, who are the owners of bowling center KT Lanes in Idaho, taught him to send the balls spinning down the lanes using a ramp that is often used for kids' parties.

And their four-legged friend (thankfully) didn't find it too ruff to pick up on what to do.

In fact, it took him just 20 minutes to pick the game up.


His owner Terri Simpson told PEOPLE:

“We ask Blake to ‘stay’ or ‘wait’ and we place the ball on the ramp.

"When we are ready for him to push it, we tell him ‘okay’ and he will come up and either push it with his front paws or surround it and push it with his chest.


“He sometimes pushes it and goes to the side of the ramp and watches it go down the lane to hit pins.

"He has never tried to chase the ball down the lane. And always wants a ‘high-5’ after he bowls.”

Blake is apparently still a beginner bowler, with his highest score being 93 - but he's got monthly practice sessions to keep him on his toes.


The talented puppy has quickly racked up a big fanbase, thanks to his appearances at KT Lanes and his adorable Instagram page.