Plant parents: 4 places to buy new plant friends in Dublin City 1 year ago

Plant parents: 4 places to buy new plant friends in Dublin City

A key lesson I've learnt over the last few months:

Everyone can do with more greenery in their house in the form of plants.


This year has opened my eyes to plants. I don't know whether it's my age or because there are just more plants around, but I love them. I actually get excited when talking about the ones I've managed to keep alive!

A lot of my friends seem to have taken a liking to raising plants. Some are even naming them. You either have kids or plants... and both sound just as difficult to keep alive.

According to my friends who are plant parents, a good plant is not just something you pick up in your local shop. If you want some good greens, here are a few places in Dublin City Centre you need to try.

Urban Plant Life

Located on Cork street in Dublin City, this is a must visit if you want to pick up some stunning one of a kind greenery for your house.

It's massive so you can almost spend the day in here looking for the perfect new housemates.


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Apassionate Flowers

A place you'll want to pop by to pick up some smaller plants to add to your collection, Apassionate Flowers in the Westbury mall have some very cute plants looking for homes.

Also their flowers are stunning, so you can pick up a few of those too while you're at it.


Adonis Flower Designers

Another place to pop into to check out some greenery is Adonis, located in Dublin 8 on Patrick Street.

Lots of nice plants, and even nicer plant parents.


Mr Middleton Garden Shop

If you've been into plants for a while you will no doubt be familiar with Mr Middleton's Garden Shop on Mary Street.


You can get some great deals on plants here and they even have a warehouse full of seeds that you can plant yourself.


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The dream.