Olá! 6 reasons why Portugal should be at the top of your travel bucket list 3 years ago

Olá! 6 reasons why Portugal should be at the top of your travel bucket list

It has been named Europe's leading tourism destination... and yeah, we can see why.

Here in the Her office, we only love a bit of wanderlust - and dreaming of our next holiday getaway is definitely one of our favourite pastimes.


In recent years, there is no doubt that Portugal has been popping up in a whole load of Insta-feeds. In short, if you haven't travelled there yet... you NEED to.

And to make your decision that bit easier, here are the SIX reasons why this beautiful Iberian country should be top of your wanderlust list.

1) It's got the perfect mix of beaches and cities


No matter what you are looking for, you will be able to find it in Portugal. Whether you see yourself window shopping in Porto or lounging by the pool in Albufeira, you will be able to get the best of both worlds.

2) It's really safe

Safety is something that is really important to consider when booking a family or gals holiday. Fortunately, Portugal is listed as the world's tenth safest country to visit according to the World Economic Forum.


3) The food is exceptional

Portuguese food is top notch. If you love seafood then you are in for a treat. You will find amazing fish, fruit and veg right on your doorstep. And that's not even mentioning the mouth-watering desserts.

4) You're guaranteed nice weather


Well, nicer than Ireland anyways! With average temperatures sitting in the mid-20s, Portugal is the perfect place to go if you need a little bit of vitamin D in your life.

5) The nature is stunning

Formed by volcanic activity, Portugal has no shortage of dramatic caves, mountains and hot springs.

Visit the Serra da Arrábida, a stunning UNESCO-protected mountain range, or the longest stretch of preserved coastline in Europe near the oceanside village of Vila Nova de Milfontes.


6) It's a quick trip

If you want a quick European family getaway that won't break the bank then Portugal could be just the ticket. Flights from Dublin to Lisbon are just under three hours, meaning you won't waste an entire day travelling. Win!