7 places to clean if you're completely creeped out by germs 2 years ago

7 places to clean if you're completely creeped out by germs

Here's a tip... they're everywhere.

Ok, we don't want to freak people out, but the truth is there ARE a lot of germs out there.

So, if you like to get down and dirty at the weekends (and not in the fun partying way) we're here to help.

A 2014 study found that more than 340 different types of bacteria can be found on 30 different items in a single environment (shudder), which means you should really get off the couch and be cleaning instead of watching Netflix today.

Don't panic, here's a list of places that bacteria likes to lurk in, and what you can do to get rid of it;

  1. Handles and switches - it's best to go through life believing that everyone washes their hands and are complete germ-free angels, the truth is that's bull. An anti-disinfectant wipe on some of the most frequently touched places in the house is your best friend here, but don't think about it too much, or you won't sleep.
  2. Electronic devices - yes those things we're touching 98% of the day, they're gross, they have ALL the germs. Again wipes to the rescue.
  3. Scarves and hats - this is Ireland, it's ALWAYS  cold we always wear them. Now let me ask you a question when was the last time you washed your scarf? Mmmmmmm yummy.
  4. Towels and toothbrushes - change your toothbrush regularly, just trust us on this one. CHANGE IT. And what about towels you ask? no, you don't have to wash them after every use, but we'll just say two words 'shedding skin', now go put a wash on.
  5. Toys - kids.
  6. Gym bags - how often do you wash them? We're back in scarf territory again.
  7. YOUR WHOLE KITCHEN - I believe we've remained calm up until this point, so we can let the madness take over a little here. It's where the food lives, keep it clean, please. Some key places to remember when deep cleaning your kitchen are cutting boards, the sink area, salt and pepper shakers, spice racks, actually all of it, just CLEAN THE WHOLE KITCHEN.

Now, off to wash the hands and live in a bubble.