7 ways to make for a stress-free Christmas (or at least the closest thing to it) 4 years ago

7 ways to make for a stress-free Christmas (or at least the closest thing to it)

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A stress-free Christmas. Is it possible?


We think so. But practise does make perfect. The most important part of it all is to count our blessings and be thankful for all and any good that has come our way this year.

But on Christmas Day and the run-up to it, it's easy to forget the above with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas season. Sure, try out the following:

1. Laugh It Off

When you’ve done all you can to make Christmas so special – that’s all anyone can ask for. So much is going on, surely there’s bound to be at least one mishap!


Don’t fret over it because chances are it’s entirely out of your hands gal. When dinner roasts to a crisp (literally) or the gingerbread men end up looking more like angry trolls, all that matters is that we’re spending Christmas with those we love.

2. Do Kris Kindle

Whoever thought of Kris Kindle is a true Christmas hero in our eyes. Everyone gets a gift and (hopefully) it’s not wasteful. With Kris Kindle you can get thoughtful, you’re buying for one person and you can focus on getting them something useful and what’s best suited to them. There’s no running around for days searching high and low to get something for EVERYONE. Great on the pockets too. And remember, a great gift can mean giving them an experience too!


3. Get Your Groceries Delivered from Tesco

Can't go to them? They'll come to you! This time of year, honestly, forget the queues and stress of parking. Get ALL your ingredients for Christmas delivered THIS WEEK from Tesco by booking a grocery home shopping slot. When you’re heading home to spend time with family and friends, it’s best we have even more time to spend with them.

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4. Your Daily Ritual


If you have a morning/daily ritual – maybe a cup of tea in the morning, reading some of your book in the afternoon, going for a long walk with your pup (helps to tire them out too!) – stick to it. It’s good for the mind and soul, and it will help you to avoid any holiday stress.

5. If Tradition Isn’t Working – Drop It

So, quite often all the family goes to see a show, or hear a choir, or visit what feels like 618 neighbours before Christmas dinner kicks off. If it adds to your stress or simply isn’t the way you want to spend that part of your day, remember, you’re not obliged to go someplace or do something that really knocks you off track.

6. Designate Jobs


There shall be no lazy lumps on Christmas! Indeed, we all need time to check out our presents, test them out a little and if you’re up early enough, you might even get in your favourite Christmas movie! But remember, Christmas is a time of celebrating together and giving. It requires a collective effort to make it a superb day.


Last but not least – don’t forget when you’ve been working all year and around the clock that Christmas Day is your holiday too! Don’t forget to relax, put the feet up and let someone else pour the mulled wine. If you can't remember what chilling out looks like... just take a peek at these two.

Brought to you by Tesco.

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