8 reasons we all LOVE a good duvet day 3 years ago

8 reasons we all LOVE a good duvet day

Well where do we begin?!

So many reasons to ADORE a duvet day, and yet so little time to indulge in one.


Now that the Christmas season is upon us however, hopefully, plenty will spend the holidays the right way. What is ‘the right way’ we hear you ask. Well…

we've ensured all gifts have been bought, made sure everyone enjoys Christmas dinner and we've caught up with NEARLY everyone in the entire family plus our friends. So there’s oodles of time left now to JUST. DO. NOTHING. Be sure to set this time aside folks - it’s needed after a long old slog!

Let us begin. The ultimate reasons why we LOVE a duvet day.

1. We Love Bed


Not once has Bed ever let us down. Bed is there to ensure comfort, great sleep and pleasant dreams. Bed is always there when we need to rest our weary head and not once has Bed complained. Bed is essentially the best friend we’ve ever had.

2. Fresh Sheets!


Oh. My. God. Is there any better feeling? Note how much better you sleep with a fresh set of bedsheets and you’ll be loving the new lease of life it gives! It’s only natural to want more of a good thing… enter - duvet day!

3. Hangovers


So last night might have been a mighty fun shindig, but you’re paying dearly for it today! There are a number of things that can cure a hangover much faster than simply resting all day, yet, we opt for bed because… to hell with trying to move!

4. Just Do Nothing


That leads us on to our next point. Life can be rough. We have our stresses, the things that drain our precious energy resources and it pretty much feels like we haven’t stopped moving in weeks! Sometimes, doing nothing, and taking the time to replenish is the perfect way to spend a day.

5. It’s Freezing Outside


‘Tis the season after all! In the midst of winter, we’re feeling them chills! - and sometimes mustering up the courage to leave our beds is the ultimate bane. Don’t feel guilty - it happens to the best of us. Pop on the heating, or better yet, bring the duvet to the couch and lap up the cosiness of that Christmas fire.


6. Binge

We need to binge-watch our favourite series all over again! Or maybe we’re just starting a brand new one! Oh, the excitement. If we go to the kitchen or living room, we’ll get distracted - bad idea. Munching on a few nibbles, in the comfort of our own bed with our favourite kind of TV equals ULTIMATE LIFE GOALS.

7. Fur-friends


Sometimes our fur-friends are in need of some extra love and attention. After a long old stroll up the mountains or a walk on the beach, there are few things as glorious as a little kip for them at the end of the bed. Feeling satisfied, fed and now snoozing - ‘tis only dreamy for them, and you!

8. The Sheer Boldness of It All

Why have a duvet day? BECAUSE WE CAN. (Hurray!!)