A 911 Operator Reveals The Three Things Every Woman Should Know After A Decade Answering Calls 6 years ago

A 911 Operator Reveals The Three Things Every Woman Should Know After A Decade Answering Calls

We all know the standard rules of ‘staying safe’.

Whether it’s our day to day life, or using the internet, there’s a list of codes, practices and habits that help us work out the necessities of protecting our mind and bodies from grievous harm.


Tamara Neal worked as a 911 operator in Baltimore for more than seven years.

Writing for mindbodygreen, she explains that her job was ‘to take control of chaotic situations, regardless of how heart-wrenching they were.’

Unfortunately, in some situations, women are often calling in desperation with their lives at threat.

Here, Tamara recounts three rules she wishes every woman could know and implement to keep themselves safe:

Strangers Should Have To Earn Your Trust:

Neal asks women to remember that every person is different. While it’s not possible or healthy to always be on guard, you should also realise that strangers needs to earn your trust.

Take time to get to know a stranger in a public place. Remove any elements of danger by keeping yourself removed from an isolated environment.


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Honour Your Intuition:

There’s a reason you have a gut feeling – and there’s a reason people always tell you to listen to it. If you feel something is ‘off’, that you’re not 100% comfortable or that you feel there’s an ulterior motive, remove yourself from the situation.

Listen to what your body is telling you.

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Always Take Time:

You might feel like you’re really getting to know someone, but Neale points to the fact that a lot of people can be on their best behaviour in the beginning.

Neal advises:

“What you want is to get to know the person's authentic self. Only with time will he or she teach you everything that you need to know.”