A bride and groom have been criticised for something they charged their wedding guests for 4 years ago

A bride and groom have been criticised for something they charged their wedding guests for

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After returning from a wedding a woman has complained online about something she was made pay for.


The bride and groom had a designated hot drinks stall and opted to charge all their guests for their requested drinks. They charged everyone £2.50 for a coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

This did not go down well with guests and one of them has asked for people's opinion online.

She posted a comment on the forum Mumsnet saying:

"Recently attending a wedding of a friend. Amongst various other issues on the day I just felt it was a very poor and stingy wedding, at the reception they had a "hot chocolate bar" - they were charging for this (and tea, and coffee....)

Photo attached which they have proudly displayed on their Facebook.

Am I wrong to think of you invite people to a wedding you actually host and therefore provide for your guests? Not expecting a free bar but some table wine and soft drinks surely?"


A lot of people have been giving their opinion on the matter with one person saying, "You got invited to a wedding where they expected you to pay two pounds fifty for a cup of tea? Seriously?!?!", and another adding, "At a wedding reception, I'd expect all food and drinks to be provided for free, with the possible exception of alcohol."

Others were more understanding of the bride and groom with someone saying:


"Maybe they just couldn't afford to cater for everyone and given that places hike prices up for wedding functions I don't blame them. It was probably a choice of have guests pay for their drinks etc or not invite them at all. I'd be thankful for the invite. If you don't like it you can always not buy drinks and just go home."