A New Marriage Equality Mural Has Been Installed In Galway 6 years ago

A New Marriage Equality Mural Has Been Installed In Galway

The artist Joe Caslin, who is responsible for the iconic marriage equality mural on George’s Street in Dublin, has installed a second mural in Galway, this time depicting two women embracing. 

The Limerick artist told the Irish Times that “the images that I wanted to show are things that are dignified.”


He added: “To show love, that’s essentially what it is, the equality that people should have no matter what sort of a relationship they’re in.”

Caslin noted that he wanted to create an “insanely rural” female piece to contrast the “very urban” male piece.

“I didn’t want to have the piece of the two lads up and not follow it up with a female version,” he said. “I wanted to show the broader aspects of relationships.”

Marriage Mural Male

The mural on George's Street before it was damaged by rain. 

The latest mural, which was installed on the ancient facade of Caher Castle in Co Galway, was inspired by Frederic William Burton’s painting The Meeting on the Turret Stairs.

The 50-foot image was installed, with permission from the owner, using a potato-based adhesive so as not to damage the integrity of the ancient building.


Like the mural on George’s Street, the biodegradable image will in time be eroded by rain and wind.

Drag performer and gay rights activist Panti Bliss tweeted this picture of the new mural: