Aldi is selling outdoor string rattan chairs for €30 4 months ago

Aldi is selling outdoor string rattan chairs for €30

Decent enough shout for a sit down.

If you have friends, chances are you're going to be entertaining them outdoors this summer.


Catch you all huddled under a gazebo, drinks in hands, desperately trying to stay warm while consistently telling yourselves that it's grand, the rain and wind and hail will stop soon, it's fine.

Thankfully, there is a way to ensure that the above scenario isn't as grim as it could possibly be. No, not by going inside. No, not by hanging out on a day when the weather is actually nice.

By purchasing a couple of adorable rattan string chairs from Aldi. Sorted.

The retailer this week announced its outdoor summer range and there's a few decent bits in it that you'd be mad to not at least consider picking up before the summer months well and truly hit us.

Among them are a couple of poly-rattan round wicker chair with steel frames, that are UV-resistant for up to approximately 300 hours - not that we're going to be getting 300 hours of sun this year.

The chairs cost €29.99 and are available in orange, bamboo-look or muted green. They're also available in a kids version for a 5er cheaper, so the entire family can get involved in the outdoor fun if needs be.


Also on sale at the retailer later this month is a really quite impressive 2-in-1 fire pit and grill.

At €249.99, each 2-in-1 comes with a grill plate, a raised grill plate and a stainless steal wok with a wooden handle. On top of that, the fire pit offers different grill zones, three wooden side shelves and two handles to allow for the safe removal of the grill plate.

Additionally, the fire pit comes with a grill lifter, a BBQ spatula and BBQ tongs, all to make your grilling experience as seamless as possible.

The string rattan chairs and 2-in-1 ire pit returns to Aldi's stores on Thursday 27 May as part of their Specialbuys.