Amazon is selling a chair which will make reading on the beach SO much easier 2 years ago

Amazon is selling a chair which will make reading on the beach SO much easier

Calling all bookworms.

Summer means a time to relax, unwind and just all around have a good time - and it's also one of the best reading times of the year.


After all, there's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book on the beach, is there?

But a new chair being sold on Amazon looks like its going to make reading while lying on the beach easier (and more comfortable) than ever before.

The online retailer are selling a lounge chair from Ostrich, which includes a built-in hole for your face - perfect for reading while lying on your stomach.

And there's even a pillow attached, which covers the hole when you're not lying on your stomach.

The chair comes in four different colours: blue, green, pink and red. The red is the only one available at the moment, with the rest of them marked as 'currently unavailable'.

Now, the downside: they're pretty pricey, especially after factoring in shipping.


The red one is priced at £49.59, and costs £35.18 for the UK, as no sellers are currently shipping the item to Ireland.

But it's not all bad news.

We have found a similar-style chair which does ship to Ireland - and has the same summer-reading features.

The Outsunnny Sun Lounger is a foldable reclining chair with a pillow and reading hole, which comes in three different colours: green, brown and blue.


The green and blue are both priced at £27.99 and while the blue costs £28.86.