An Irish Sex Shop is Selling These Very Special Dildos For a Very Good Reason 6 years ago

An Irish Sex Shop is Selling These Very Special Dildos For a Very Good Reason

We’re big fans of Shawna Scott of

The entrepreneur has been committed to delivering body safe sex toys to the Irish market for the past number of years.


Now she’s launched a very special tricolour dildo to raise much-needed funds for the Abortion Rights Campaign. The tricolour dildo is intended to commemorate the 1916 centenary whilst also shedding light on the issues affecting contemporary Ireland.

Shawna writes:


‘When we look back on our history, we also need to take the time to reflect where we currently are as a country and what kind of challenges we face in creating the Ireland we want to see in the future’

‘I chose to commemorate 1916 the only way I know how...with an Irish flag dildo.’

The retailer then explains that €5 from every sale will be donated to The Abortion Rights Campaign.

Defending her stance on abortion Shawna writes:


‘We understand that the Sex Siopa community may have a variety of views on abortion, but however you feel about pregnancy termination, I would hope we can all agree that reproductive health care is a very, very complex issue, and hence far too complicated to be sensibly regulated in a sentence or two without unintended, and often harmful, consequences. The 8th Amendment has had horrific effects on many, and has only succeeded in making sure Irish women's abortions take place abroad, or in the case of those who choose abortion pills, without adequate medical supervision.

The future I want to see for Ireland is one in which the women of this country are trusted to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves, and our doctors are protected under the law. If you trust women, the 8th Amendment needs to be repealed.’

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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