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Ancient Theory Busted: A Session in the Sack CAN Improve Sporting Performance
The age-old rule of not having sex before a sporting event to improve performance has been busted once and for all.

We love it when age-old theories get dispelled.

Especially for our benefit, and our sexual benefit at that.

If you are an Olympian or a competitive sportsperson yourself, or equally, if you are a WAG, going out with an Olympian or your other half just takes his Tuesday local soccer kickabout night too seriously, then this is for you.

An Ancient Greek theory dictated that having sex before sport would lead to a bad performance (the athletic type that is). However modern scientists have conducted intensive sexual performance research (we're not going to ask how...) and dispelled the age-old theory sports folk have lived by.

A new study has proven that Olympic athletes don't have to sacrifice sex to be a potential gold fact, it's quite the opposite for female athletes. Bedroom Olympics can go a long way in improving us females' sporting performance.

Did the Greeks have any science to their theory? Well, according to them, sex would reduce your physical prowness and minimise your aggression and testosterone levels, leaving you in a weaker body state when it came to competition the next day. For generations people believed and swore by this theory.

Until now. Don, don, dooonnn....!

Modern scientists say that sex does not have a negative effect on strength, endurance or general sporting prowess.

Martin Milton, an expert in psychotherapeutic and counselling psychology at the University of Surrey told the Daily Mail that sex can have an effect on sporting performance, but only if you're up all night the few hours before the competition. A 'swinging from the rafters' session means the athlete doesn't get enough sleep and rest and their mind isn't on the job.


Interestingly, Israeli scientist Alexander Olshanietzky stands by his theory that female athletes SHOULD have sex before a sporting event, as an orgasm will help them achieve more in competition.

“We believe that a woman gets better results in sports competition after orgasm. Generally, it's true of high jumpers and runners. The more orgasms, the more chances of winning a medal.

“Coaches generally tell their athletes to abstain before competitiion. In the case of women, that's the wrong advice.”

 Maybe could explain the 150,000 condoms shipped into the Olympic village in London just in time for the 2012 games...