Short commutes make people happier than sex... and yeah, we're not surprised 1 year ago

Short commutes make people happier than sex... and yeah, we're not surprised

Seems legit.

How often do you find yourself stuck in gridlock traffic, already 20 minutes late for work, despairing as you watch the lights go from green to red while nothing happens?


If you happen to live in Dublin, probably a lot.

The above scenario can only be made worse by the inclusion of a super long commute and, seeing as we are more than familiar with super long commutes (ahem, 1.5 hours), we feel like we have the authority to state that commutes are The Worst Things To Exist In This World.

It's for that reason that'd we give pretty much anything for a short commute.

... And seemingly, so would the people of London.

According to a survey carried out by Time Out, the thing that makes most Londoners happy is a short commute.

Yep, a short commute makes them happier than a good meal, a night out, and even sex.


That's how desperate the commute situation is, lads.

The survey detailed responses from 3,000 people living in London and it turns out that the ideal commute time is somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes.

We can hardly imagine such a scenario.

Alright, alright, this study is London specific, but we're going to go ahead and assume that the answers would be pretty much the same for people living in Dublin and other major Irish cities.


Probably even more so considering how questionable our public transport systems are.

London's got the tube, remember - a method of transport that is both frequent and tends to come on time.



Time Out's research also discovered that people tend to be happier when they've made a new friend, entered a new relationship, or in the pub.

Same, to be honest.