Apparently there are 6 different types of break-ups – and only one of them sounds OK 2 years ago

Apparently there are 6 different types of break-ups – and only one of them sounds OK


We had thought that there were maybe three types of break-ups – the kind where you do the dumping, the kind where you're dumped and the mutual kind.


How wrong we were.

According to one dating expert, there are actually six different kinds of break-ups and while none of them are nice, some definitely sound better than others.

Dating coach Jo Barnett talked through each of them with The Independent UK and we're sad just reading about them TBH.

The betrayal


This is where one person does something awful and it has to end. Jo insists that a clean break is totally necessary here, meaning absolutely no contact. She also advises that you can't take the blame as the other person is responsible for their actions.


The out-of-the-blue breakup

It can be especially devastating when you weren't expecting it. Jo says you should take some time to heal but also make sure you get back out there.



The mutual one

This is the one we all want, right? It's the ideal way to end a relationship with everyone on good terms, but is pretty rare.



Getting ghosted

Whether ye've been super casual or going steady, freezing someone out has to be one of the cruelest ways to finish things as it leaves so many questions unanswered. Jo reckons you should try and talk to out with friends or even a professional to help come to terms with it.


When it fizzles out

It happens and it's no-one's fault. The only thing to do is commit to the fact that it's over and that there's no point in working on things, Jo says.



The break

Is it on? Is it off? Who can tell? Drawing a line in the sand can be hard but a breakup isn't a breakup if you keep going back to the other person. Just like when something has fizzled out, you need to simply commit to the idea of it being over.