Appy Days: Keep Your Cooking in Check with Sesame - Recipe Manager 7 years ago

Appy Days: Keep Your Cooking in Check with Sesame - Recipe Manager

For all those who love to impress with a new dinner treat, experiment with a recipe, or even keep lists of ingredients for favourite dishes saved to your phone - we've found the app for you.

Sesame - Recipe Manager is a handy little planner that allows you to search for recipes on the web, save them to your phone, or search for alternative ingredients to the original if it's not exactly fitting your taste. Hate ginger? The app will offer alternative flavours to add to the recipe.


The app allows you to search by recipes, food styles, diet or meal type, with the option to tag your recipes according to how you want to find them, naming your own categories for each list. There's also a built-in converter to help you work out quantity control!


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For those who love to cook, but traipse the aisles of the supermarket, Sesame - Recipe Manager creates a shopping list from your recipes. There's a built-in shopping list that can group the ingredients you need for that new dinner delight. Too busy recreating MasterChef in the kitchen? You can email the list to your flatmate to pick up the missing essentials from the kitchen cupboards.

With a price tag of just £2.99, we're pretty sure it's a small price to pay to achieve your cooking crown.