Aw! Loads of Irish people buy Valentine's Day gifts for their dogs 2 years ago

Aw! Loads of Irish people buy Valentine's Day gifts for their dogs

Love is always in the air when it comes to our pets.

We actually adore them and there's nothing better than seeing their faces when you walk in the door from work/school/college/doing the shopping.


They bring utter delight into our lives so it's no wonder that more than half of us buy them Valentine's Day gifts.

Research was carried out by Petmania and found that 53 percent of us opt to treat our pet pooches, buying them things such as Paw-dicures, Blueberry facials (can we have one of those?!) and Pawsecco.

Emily Miller, Marketing Manager with Petmania said:  “Pets are an integral part of people’s lives and are shown just as much as care and love as their human counterparts.

"Seasonal hallmark holidays are proving increasingly popular with pet parents who invest in their animals’ wellbeing.”

"There are many reasons why pets will make the perfect alternative date for Valentine’s Day!"

She also had a small word of warning for any pet owners out there.

"If you are treating your pet, it is important to make sure that all edible treats are suitable for animals.


"Don’t leave chocolate or sweets near pets unattended.

"For humans lucky enough to be receiving roses, we’d urge people to de-thorn the stem as pets can bite or swallow sharp or woody spines and this can cause serious infection."