Bride-to-be learns a very brutal lesson about why you should never stick a pen in your hair 2 years ago

Bride-to-be learns a very brutal lesson about why you should never stick a pen in your hair

A week before her wedding, too.

It's something we've all been guilty of: when you want your hair out of your face ASAP but don't have a hair tie around, you twist it up, turn it into a knot and poke whatever item you can find (that will realistically work) to hold it up.


A pen, a chopstick - maybe a straw, if you're really stuck.

But one bride-to-be learned the hard way why you should never pop a pen in your hair - even if you need to keep up your 'do.

Daphne Martin stuck the writing tool in her hair to keep her ponytail in place...only for it to burst and dye a section of her hair a dark, inky blue.

A week before her wedding.


....yeah. Not quite the 'something blue' she had hoped for, we imagine.

Daphne told Allure that she was, thankfully, able to fix her hair in time - as she had previously trained as a hairstylist. With the help of her fiancé, she managed to get most of the pen out of her hair before applying bleach.


She added:

"Let’s just say there was a series of ponytails and kitchen sink hair-washing. Surprisingly enough, five minutes of bleach got that out of my extremely light hair."

Photos of Daphne's hair were shared online by colourist Kelly O'Leary-Woodford, who called it the "craziest thing I've ever seen".

She warned that while Daphne was lucky to be able to fix her hair at home, people who find themselves in a similar situation but have darker hair may not find it so easy.


The best course of action in that kind of situation would probably be to head to your salon ASAP and explain what happened - while it would be a pricey fix, you wouldn't run the risk of it going wrong.

But if you want to avoid it altogether? Just make sure you've got a hair tie.