Bride-to-be reveals the reason she wants to 'sack' her bridesmaid last minute 1 year ago

Bride-to-be reveals the reason she wants to 'sack' her bridesmaid last minute

Planning a wedding is stressful.

Not having your bridesmaids' cooperation doesn't help and then, deliberating whether or not to sack them from your wedding party last minute certainly leads to a few sleepless nights.


And one bride-to-be who chose to remain anonymous on Mumsnet is looking for help as she's currently in that exact debacle.

Pinning a post on the popular forum, the woman revealed that she's having three bridesmaids in her wedding party, however, one of them is seriously acting out and so, she's unsure whether to cut ties or not.

"It's all gone downhill and I'm considering asking her to back out.

"Firstly, she was REALLY difficult about her dress - 'I don't do that style' or 'I won't consider that colour'.

"Then, we found the dresses and she was insistent she was a 12. Fair enough. Bought it - spent a month asking her to come try it so if it was no good, I could swap it within the warranty.

"She ignored the texts / calls. Finally came round - dress miles too small and said she wanted 16," the post begins.

Explaining that her bridesmaid's behavior is "attention-seeking", she explains how she keeps trying to involve her friend but she's forever canceling on their plans or wedding duties.

"Anyway, can live with all that but she has now suddenly gone silent - keep inviting her round for tea, offering to meet up - she'll say she's at work doing the early shift so invite her for tea but she can't cause she's 'working the late shift'."


The post continues as the woman reveals how she feels like a "bridezilla" but is thinking of "ditching" her bridesmaid. Looking for help, she writes:

"I've got a very big, fancy venue which we are traveling a long way to because it has family significance and I don't want my day being stressed by her."

And it doesn't take long for floods of comments to pour in for the bride in distress. Many of them agreeing it's right to ditch the stress and the bridesmaid, one user comments:

"Sack her. She's negative before the wedding and she will be negative at the wedding. Don't have her spoiling your day."


While another wrote:

"I had similar problems to this and didn't ditch her but wish I had!! Sack her!"

However, not everyone was as easily convinced with many writing that weddings are "too much work" these days and that the "poor girl" is obviously busy with work and to basically... cut her some slack.

Hmmm, what do you think?