Brides and grooms don't really care about these wedding traditions anymore 2 years ago

Brides and grooms don't really care about these wedding traditions anymore

It's far from 'love, honour, and obey' we were raised, lads.

Weddings have been a thing pretty much forever.


Back in the day, women used to be forced to marry men as a trade for land, cattle, or some other innocuous object that absolutely is of equal to a real life human being.

There was no love involved in marriages. Only pain, suffering, and the hope of increasing your cultural capital which is, eh, yeah pretty different to that way they are now, definitely.

Turns out though that we have come a long way since cattle trades and out-of-date rituals.

According to a new study conducted by hotel and spa, Daffodil, more and more couples are opting to avoid tradition when it comes to tying the knot.

Almost one third of women don't believe in being "given away" by their father at the bottom of the aisle anymore, with the same number saying they wouldn't feel it necessary to wear a white dress on the big day either.

Similarly, even more people don't think it's "bad luck" to see their other half before the wedding.


39 percent of those surveyed said that they wouldn't mind seeing their bride or groom before they tied the knot, believing it wouldn't make any difference to their future happiness and prosperity.

And yeah, they're probably right, to be honest.

That being said though, the majority of people involved in this survey were very much into the idea of preserving tradition.

A considerable 69 percent of people wanted to be "given away" by their father and just under two thirds think that the bride and groom shouldn't see each other before they get married.


Still though, it's fairly likely that this number would've been a lot higher a few years back.