Bring on the money! There's a massive lotto draw tonight worth €184 million 3 years ago

Bring on the money! There's a massive lotto draw tonight worth €184 million

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Winning the lotto is an acceptable life plan, right?


We think so. We always planned to be rich and the lotto was how we planned to achieve that goal. Pretty standard, no?

Obviously, we'll take just about any lotto but we particularly love those ones with the high win. You know - the ones where winning the jackpot means that you could essentially live the rest of your life relaxing on a beach in the Bahamas and still have some dosh left over.

So, yeah, we love a good big win. We'll take an Irish lotto win but our eyes are set on the Italian SuperEnalotto jackpot and tonight's draw is worth a whopping €184.2 million so not one to miss. It is actually the biggest lotto jackpot in the world right now so, yeah, not too shabby at all.

We know what you're thinking. The lotto is in Italy so that really isn't very useful to us Irish folk. Well, friends, where there's a will, there is a way. And we have found a way.


Sign up to and you can buy tickets to not just SuperEnalotto, but oodles of multimillion lottery draws around the world. theLotter will send its local agents to buy a SuperEnalotto ticket (or a ticket for your preferred lotto), then you pay a service fee and receive a scan of your ticket. Simples.

If you do win the massive SuperEnalotto draw, you get to keep the entire amount for yourself - theLotter doesn't take any commissions from winning tickets, so no having to pay out a percentage of your winnings. It's all yours.

If you want a chance to win this massive amount and set yourself up for life, head over to Go quickly though! You don't have much time left.

Just think, tomorrow evening you could be quitting your job to live the sweet, sweet world travelling life with all your moolah. We'll take ten tickets, please.


Brought to you by theLotter

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