Calling All Students! We're Bringing The Refreshing Truth To A Campus Near You 6 years ago

Calling All Students! We're Bringing The Refreshing Truth To A Campus Near You

Students of Ireland! We want to hear YOUR truth. We've paired up with Sprite to start cutting through the noise and start telling it like it really is.  

The time you pretended to listen to music on the bus just so you didn't have to talk to the girl you sat beside in primary school.


Or the fact that you're not actually offline on Whatsapp, you've just changed your setting to make it look like that.

Or that you actually really don't like your housemate's boyfriend, and you'd be much happier if you didn't have to see him every. single. day.

But don't tell us yet. Keep it to yourself for the time being and you might win yourself an iPad.

What's Team's deep dark secret? Our Roy Keane plastic model is our prized possession. Yep, that's our refreshing truth.

roy keane model

We've teamed up with Sprite to bring the #RefreshingTruth to your campus... and we're taking four of Ireland's favourite comedians along for the ride.

Over the next two weeks we'll be visiting colleges in Cork (UCC), Dublin (Trinity), Galway (NUIG) and Limerick (UL), and we want to see all of you there.


What's the plan?

Well, it's a comedy roast with a very Irish twist.

Each location will have a comedian from the area to defend their hometown, while the other three tell the hilarious, yet refreshing truth.


What's the line-up looking like?


First up is our very own JOE bro Eric Lalor to defend Dublin's fair city. Next up is Karl Spain who'll be fighting for Limerick's honour.

sprite 1

In the corner for Galway is the one and only 'The Viper.' And finally, representing The People's Republic, we've got the fantastic Hilary Rose.

sprite 2


We also want to give you the chance to reveal your deepest darkest secrets at the events. That's right, we want to hear your refreshing truth.

We'll have a 'Sprite truth booth' at every location and we want you to go in and tell us your truths.

If you want to come along to the event in your college simply fill out the form below.

We'll see you there!

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Sprite, the truth is refreshing. 
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