Camile Thai has launched totally compostable packaging, and we're well impressed 10 months ago

Camile Thai has launched totally compostable packaging, and we're well impressed

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Great stuff lads!

Healthy Thai delivery chain Camile Thai, have launched their new compostable range of packaging across their restaurants, which can go straight into the compost bin without washing.

Camile is the first restaurant chain in Europe to make this move and replace their packaging with a more environmentally friendly, 100 percent compostable solution.

The innovation will reduce a large amount of waste generated by single use packaging and help reduce the impact on the environment.

Camile has invested 25 percent more on their packing costs in order to reduce the amount of plastic used and have ensured the cost isn’t passed onto their customers.

Speaking about the move, Brody Sweeney said:

"We believe that by showing leadership in this area, we can encourage other businesses to follow suit, and make the move to compostables."


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"We know we have a responsibility to our guests and the rest of the population, to take sustainability seriously, and make tangible steps, in our own small way, to leave our planet habitable for my grandchildren’s children and the generations to come."

The folks at Bord Bia are also delighted by the move, with their CEO, Tara McCarthy saying:

"Packaging waste is a key sustainability issue of our time and Camile’s commitment to environmentally friendly solutions across their entire packaging range should be applauded. This move is another example of how Origin Green members are leading positive change in the food industry."

While compostable packaging is a more sustainable option than standard paper or card single-use products, they are only truly better for the environment if they are disposed of correctly.

The important thing to remember? The packaging goes straight in the compost bin, NOT the green bin.

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